• Skills USA Members Go To Nationals
  • Storming the Stage
  • Students volunteer at Perot Museum
  • Dallas Women’s March: A Perspective
  • Texas Thespians Festival

Sirens keep Dallas awake

Jose Luna, Reporter

On April 8, 2017, the city of Dallas received a wakeup call 18 minutes before midnight. This was a city wide hack of 156 tornado sirens that went off repeatedly for about 9...

April 12, 2017No Comments

UIL Literary Criticism Team Competes at Regionals

Hannah Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

The UIL Literary Criticism team consisting of senior Elizabeth Hoffman and juniors Mia Perez and Chyna McNeal competed in Regionals Saturday, April 8, at Baylor University in W...

April 12, 2017No Comments

Students Show Off Original Clothing at Fashion Show

Nena Roland, Reporter

The fashion design students will be showcasing their hard work in a fashion show tomorrow night. The show will include garments that have been sewn by first, second, and thir...

April 12, 2017No Comments

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Lakeview Goes Viral

Madison Plunk, Editor-in-Chief

Two Lakeview Centennial High School students are becoming popular on a national level. On Friday, February 3rd, junior Sam Major, wore LED light up Yeezy shoes to school,...

February 20, 2017No Comments

Parking Pass Scandal

Timothy Kihneman

You've all heard the latest scandal; fake parking passes. I have to give you creative few students props. It takes some mad skills and guts to fake a school-issued parki...

January 27, 2017No Comments

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Baseball seniors achieving big things

Sam Okoro, Reporter

The baseball team is having an exceptional year. Some seniors on the team are achieving big things, including one player who has accepted a full scholarship to the Univers...

April 13, 2017No Comments

Track Meet

April 10, 2017

Girls Soccer Varsity

March 27, 2017

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