Sweetheart seniors perform during their final routine

Sweethearts Spring Show 2021: The Final Dance

Keila Rubealcaba, Editor-in-Chief April 29, 2021

The Sweethearts spring show was held two weeks ago on Friday in the school's auditorium. Seats were limited to only a few friends and family due to the safety precautions of the ongoing pandemic.  This...

Downsides of Online Education

Keila Rubealcaba, Writer May 20, 2020

The school year is almost over and with that our online education is also ending for this year. But, online education has been proven both difficult for students and staff, as all of a sudden they have...

2020: A School Year in Review

Emily Regalado, Writer / Photograper May 20, 2020

This school year started off with a Toy Story 3 themed Fish camp and ended up with online learning. It seems like a lifetime ago we were walking through the crowded hallways and sitting in the freezing...

How NHS Is Helping

Emily Regalado, Photographer / Writer May 1, 2020

The coronavirus has shut down school and organizations indefinitely, but not the National Honor Society. Lakeview’s NHS is known for their selfless commitment of serving others, but it is hard when people...

How to Keep Busy While You’re Stuck at Home

Ian Dacus, Photographer April 8, 2020

In this time of (boring)tine people need something to do to occupy the mind, and there are a number of things you can do to stay occupied. Going outside and doing a little yard work never hurt anybody....

Ways to Stay Organized During Online Schooling

Emily Regalado, Writer / Photographer April 2, 2020

Virtual classrooms have come upon us by surprise. Zoom and Google Meet have replaced the normal classrooms we are used to, and they have made us organize our classes by ourselves. To some, completing assignments...

Choir Holds Garage Sale to Raise Funds

Kit Kearney, Writer March 22, 2020

On Saturday February 22 the choir held a Garage sale in front of the school to help fund their choir banquet. A few members stood out in front of the school waiting for people to come by and buy things...

First SkillsUSA District Officer From Lakeview

Keila Rubealcaba, Writer March 22, 2020

SkillsUSA competed in Waco. At the closing ceremony, it was announced that junior Britany Alejandre would be one of the District 6 officers. She is the first Lakeview student to be an officer. “I...

Legacy Awards

Caroline Aguilar, Editor-in-Chief February 28, 2020

Student council hosted their annual legacy award ceremony on Thursday February 20. After students received their recognition they sat down together and had lunch. “I was happy,” Malaya Samuels said....

What Makes High School, High School

Abraham Mulat, Writer February 13, 2020

High school is a place of learning, academic readiness, and chasing dreams. What really makes high school unique are the clubs, after school activities, and outside-of-school functions. The friendships...

Student participating in physics egg drop

Bursting On the Scene

Kit Kearney, Writer January 30, 2020

On January 22 physics teacher Michael Barry took his third period class outside to participate in an egg drop. Students were told to hold their home-made containers from the ceiling and drop them from...

All About Louder Than A Bomb

Keila Rubealcaba, Writer January 30, 2020

Louder than a bomb (LTAB) is a writing program that allows students to discover their voice and their definitions of self and community. “I think that’s the most important thing that you find yourself...

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