Polar Vortex and Climate Change

Emily Regalado, Writer March 4, 2021

Many Texans are now terrified of snow and have every right to be after the weeks-long power outages that left residents without electricity or heat. Homes dropped into forty-degree temperatures when their...

What Went Down in Texas

Keila Rubealcaba, Editor-in-Chief March 4, 2021

Two weeks ago, many Texas homes and businesses were left without power and water because of the raging snowstorm that passed through the state.   At first, a couple of government officials blamed...

Hygiene in the Pandemic

Victoria Rodriguez, Writer March 1, 2021

There are many ways to keep ourselves and others clean. Being clean and maintaining  good hygiene is not only important for our physical appearance, but it keeps those around us from getting sick and...

North vs South

William Tobin, Writer March 1, 2021

There’s never been a  more presently obvious distinction between two neighboring countries than North Korea and South Korea. Nearly everything in North Korea differs drastically from its southern counterpart,...

Tennis: Spring Season

Emily Regalado, Writer February 12, 2021

Spring sports are now up and running and that includes the spring season of tennis. LCHS’s tennis includes two seasons: the fall season and spring season. The fall season consists of going against schools...

Everything that went wrong in the Capitol

Keila Rubealcaba, Editor-in-Chief January 29, 2021

All eyes were on Washington D.C. on January 6 after a rally in support of Donald Trump became a deadly riot.   Thousands of people started to march to Capitol Hill, which was encouraged by Trump at...

Issues with our school system

William Tobin, Writer January 29, 2021

It is no secret the immense number of flaws in our school system. Many of the previous methods of teaching do not hold up in our current society, and these outdated methods are slowing students down.  The...

How the pandemic may subside in 2021

William Tobin, Writer January 15, 2021

In March 2020, very unfortunate and life altering events occurred when the COVID-19 virus became widespread across the United States. The public had no idea as to the gravity of the virus and how long...

A Recap of 2020 In the Life of a Student

Keila Rubealcaba, Editor-in-Chief December 15, 2020

2020 has been filled with endless spirals that seemed to be unending. 2020 has also been very different for all students who had to go through a drastic change in the middle of their school year. January...

Top Three Movie Franchises of all time

William Tobin, Writer December 11, 2020

With the many cinematic masterpieces we have been privileged to witness over the decades, there are a few that stand out. The creative works of these franchises I feel are unequivocally           ...

Top Three Christmas Movies

William Tobin, Writer November 20, 2020

As the holidays veer closer, we all find ourselves enjoying the classic Christmas movies we annually revisit. Of the many classic Christmas films, I’ve narrowed them down to the three classics I and...

Holidays: COVID Edition

Emily Regalado, Writer November 20, 2020

The holiday season is quickly approaching and it is now up to us to deal with the ongoing pandemic but also spend the valuable time with our families. The Thanksgiving tradition calls for a large feast...

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