You Won’t Know What Hit You

Lakeview Centennial Dance Company Gets Ready for Annual ‘Collision’ Show

Lakeview Centennial’s very own dance company will be strutting the auditorium stage once again on May 12 and May 13. Collision is a way for the thirteen dancers of LCDC to show off the routines and performances that they have worked so hard on to perfect for this final night of dance.

Different genres of dance will graze the stage as well as special performances choreographed by the dancers themselves. This dance showcase is the buildup of all of their talent and memories throughout the year. The pent up energy to perform releases from their bodies as they leap and twirl across the stage.

Senior Emily Cole has been dancing for as long as she can remember, so showing up and dancing alongside her teammates for her final Collision showcase means a great deal to her.

“The seniors have grown so much, you know, with the pandemic and everything else happening,” Cole said. “There’s been so many trials and tribulations that we’ve been through, but we continued to persevere as a dance team and a dance magnet.”

According to senior LCDC member Alexis Garcia, the night will be one to remember. It will be her final time performing with her fellow LCDC members, so she wanted the night to be special. 

“The audience can look forward to dances they haven’t seen before and celebrating the seniors,” Garcia said. “Oh and we’re gonna have this big finale that I choreographed, I can’t believe I almost forgot about that.”

The varying dances that will be performed will display many of the high emotions that many of them are feeling, including senior Rylee Clegg. Dance has always been her favorite form of expression and putting her feelings into these dances only shows how much more this show means to all of them.

“The senior dances, we have a lot of reminiscing and going through our lives cause we go through our childhoods together, middle school together and high school together and now it’s our last time performing together,” Clegg said. “There are a lot of goodbyes in our showcase.”

Although the specific details of the special performances couldn’t be released, what everyone can plan on experiencing is an emotional night that is expressed in every movement of each and every dancer up on stage. From solo performances to their own choreographed dances, each dancer has proven that they are a force to be reckoned with. 

People will be able to buy their tickets the week of the show and it will be $5 for students and $10 for adults. Kids under the age of 7 will be able to come in for free. Showtimes will be 7 P.M. for the Friday show and 2 P.M. for the Saturday show.