Drake vs Kendrick Lamar Beef

Preston Watkins, Photo editor May 23, 2024

Rapper Kendrick Lamar was featured on the smash hit “Like That” on March 26, 2024” off MetroBoomin and Futures new album. In the song, Lamar disses Drake and JCole, as he took exception to being...

The Cost of Senior Year

Nia Jackson, Staff Writer May 6, 2024

Senior year is defined by memories, laughter that will fade faster than the senior sunrises, and whirlwinds of emotion. However, a key factor of senior year is the countless fees.  Prom, college, senior...

Car Wars: The Student Parking Lot at 2:50

McKenna Qualls, Writer May 10, 2022

The last bell rings for the school day and the race to the student parking lot ensues. Teachers, students, parents–all about to witness the chaos that is the Lakeview student parking lot after school.  The...

Why a Film Club is Necessary

Vianka Gonzalez, Writer May 9, 2022

Clubs are extremely common in high schools. Clubs are very beneficial to students; they are a great opportunity to meet new people, improve social skills, grow as a person, and improve your abilities....

School Dilemma

William Tobin, Writer April 27, 2021

Amidst the current pandemic, many people’s uncertainty has been aroused  as to a possible date we may return to normalcy. It seems to be returning slowly; however, not at a pace in which everything...

Education Conflict: Virtual or In-Person?

William Tobin, Writer March 5, 2021

March of last year gave birth to a litany of issues stemming from the unpreparedness of our nation. One particular question educators and students alike were burdened with was “How do we efficiently...

2020: A School Year in Review

Emily Regalado, Writer / Photograper May 20, 2020

This school year started off with a Toy Story 3 themed Fish camp and ended up with online learning. It seems like a lifetime ago we were walking through the crowded hallways and sitting in the freezing...

Marchin’ for Our Rights

Caroline Aguilar, Editor-in-Chief January 30, 2019

The annual Women’s Rights march was held January 20 in downtown Dallas. Women, men and children marched in protest for their rights. People held signs to speak up about not only women’s rights but...

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