Ambition, Power, Betrayal


Ian Dacus

Seniors Christian Guerrero and Ashley Bridges, junior Savannah Kee, senior Chloe Sutherland and freshman Anna Townsend lead the cast of “Julius Caesar” in the curtain call.

Directed by theater teacher Holly Stone, the theater production students put on a show for parents and students to enjoy. The cast members performed “Julius Caesar”on Friday the 18 and Saturday 19 in the auditorium. The play lasted around two hours with a five minute intermission in between acts.

“My favorite part was how the director incorporated modern day elements that made the play fun and vivacious.” senior Hazel Gomez said.

Actors who performed said that they enjoyed acting out an ancient roman play. During the first few scenes Brutus, played by Chloe Sutherland, plans Julius Caesar’s death. Students said this part was the most thrilling.

“It was so cool,” senior Daniella Barrera said, “watching a play I’ve read before being acted out by my friends.”

Some major themes in this play include ambition, power, and loyalty. Students have said that although this play was written centuries ago, it still applies to modern day life.

“Performing in front of a live audience is always a little nerve-wracking,” junior Savannah Kee said. “[Knowing] that I can make an audience laugh or cry with my acting is my favorite part.”