Sweethearts Take Over New York

Every year the Sweethearts prepare themselves for their Spring Show. In order for the show to be fun for the audience and for themselves, they prepare months in advance. 

The theme for this school year’s Spring Show was “New York, New York,” which was chosen by the Sweethearts. Not only does the team choreograph some of the dances, but they create their costumes and a team shirt. 

The storyline and dances were completely different from last year’s since the focus was New York. Not only was the focus New York, but different cities such as Brooklyn and Coney Island. The New York spirit was shown through the costumes and music they played such as the song “No Sleep Till Brooklyn.”

“So [the Sweethearts] all had chains and cut-off T-shirts for the dance since the song was a rock and roll type,” junior Lily Laidlaw said. 

Every song since the opening act had to tie back to the theme. A Sweetheart and audience favorite was the Golden Jazz team which danced to the song “Sushi.”

“You could tell it got a lot of energy from the audience and people liked it,” junior Brianna Campbell said. “[The dance] was also really fun to do.”

New dances are choreographed each year, but the one traditional dance that the Sweethearts do every year is the Finale. The Sweethearts dance the Finale with their boots and hats like they would out on the field. 

“It’s a routine that the Class of 2000 choreographed,” Laidlaw said “We’re carrying on a tradition from way back so it feels kind of sentimental.”

Not only does the team prepare physically but emotionally as well. The Spring Show is where the Sweethearts show the sisterhood they made throughout the years. 

“My most favorite part of the show is being able to be together one last time before we part,” senior Captain Trinity Lewis said. “I love that we were all able to come together and pull off a really good show.”