Hygiene in the Pandemic

There are many ways to keep ourselves and others clean. Being clean and maintaining  good hygiene is not only important for our physical appearance, but it keeps those around us from getting sick and carrying diseases

As the year goes on, not too many improvements have been made to keep the spread of COVID-19 from coming to a final end. Citizens play a huge role when it comes to creating regulations and restrictions to keeping clean and having proper hygiene to stop this spread. We need to participate and understand these guidelines such as wearing a mask everywhere we go, maintaining a good 6 feet distance from others, avoiding large groups of people and events, washing hands frequently for a good amount of time (in between fingers, behind nails, front and back of hands), changing mask frequently (if you’ve had one on for long periods of times), disinfecting, and most importantly, staying quarantined and well-rested if an individual became exposed and has tested positive.

Most people can be careless and ruthless when it comes to the spread of COVID-19. They create scenarios saying they can’t breathe through the mask, that it’s not required by the law to wear one, that science isn’t real, that this is all a lie, avoid taking proper precautions etc. However what those individuals do not realize is that there are families with dependents and independent people who are affected by mindsets like those. Many families have been broken due to the loss of a family member or friend, many people have been fired due to businesses having a low income and can’t pay their workers, many receive very few hours due to keeping a proper social distance at work, and some individuals have to quarantine because someone they know or work with was diagnosed with this disease. 

It affects many individuals in many ways when other citizens decide to be fearless and careless about their health and those around them. Make sure to stay safe and maintain proper hygiene to defeat this pandemic. Mask on!