Everything that went wrong in the Capitol

All eyes were on Washington D.C. on January 6 after a rally in support of Donald Trump became a deadly riot.  

Thousands of people started to march to Capitol Hill, which was encouraged by Trump at his “Save America Rally.” At his rally, he spoke mostly about the general elections and how he believes there was voter fraud. He claimed that the mail-in ballots were the cause of this since it takes longer to count them.

The day of the breach was also the same day Congress was meeting to confirm Joe Biden as the next president. 

At first, many Trump supporters were outside the gates of the U.S. Capitol building, but not too long afterward they started to go past the barricades. Capitol police were caught off guard and were not able to control the raging mob. 

Soon the rioters began to climb the walls and break windows to get into the building. Lawmakers were forced to evacuate to a safer location not knowing what was going on outside.

Many videos and pictures are circulating online on what went down inside the Capitol. You can see rioters ransacking lawmakers’ offices, taking files or other objects from the offices, and many other vandalisms.

The first mistake that the Capitol police made was not having enough guards when they saw the crowd becoming more violent. Many have voiced opinions that if it were a Black Lives Matter protest, they would have been treated very differently. Last summer, a Black Lives Matter protest that also took place in Washington D.C. was met with rows of soldiers in their riot gear in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

It also took too long for backup to come and assist the situation. Many have said that the National Guard should have come much sooner because by the time they came, the damage had already been done.

After the mob of Trump supporters destroyed the inside of the Capitol, many of them left without being questioned about their involvement and were not arrested. The rioters lest easily the same way they were able to get in. 

The Capitol police should not have allowed anyone to leave the premises without knowing if they were directly involved with the attack. If they would have done so, the Justice Department would not have to go through a manhunt to find those that were involved. 

Those linked in the attack have even gone as far as to threaten their own family members if they were to notify the police about their involvement.

Law enforcement has confirmed that at least five people died as a result of the riot. One of them was a Capitol police officer and the remaining four were supporters of Trump. More than 125 people have so far been arrested for their participation in the riot.

What happened in the Capitol should never occur again, as it was a horrible day for all those who witnessed and were present during the attack. The people who first initiated the attack should be held accountable for their actions.