Students Show Off Fashions at CTC


Photo Courtesy of Nancy Santillan

Seniors Madeline Castro, Nancy Santillan, Ana Saldierna and Roxanna Chicas during the Fashion Show.

She signals that the show has begun, and one by one they start walking down the runway. On Friday, April 29, sixty contestants—including Nancy Santillan, who designed three pieces—competed in a fashion show at the Gilbreath-Reed Career and Technical Center. The show was full and booming with cheers as each model walked down to greet the judges. 

This show was put together by all the students who attend the GRCTC fashion design class in order to win up to $300 for their future studies. Three contestants will win first, second and third and divide the money equally. 

This competition wasn’t just for the money, but an opportunity for the students to experience what the model and fashion industry is like in an exciting way.  

“I was extremely nervous since the time was ticking and what if we had a malfunction, I almost started shaking,” Santillan said. “I think getting ready might have been the hardest part, because we’re all girls and we couldn’t decide how we wanted our hair or makeup.”

Santillan used models senior Roxanna Chicas, Madeline Castro and Ana Saldierna to display her hand-made outfits. While they waited until the show almost started, they took time to make sure their makeup, hair, and outfits was done perfectly. Everyone seemed to be nervous as the time was running out, and once they heard “Only thirty minutes left! Line up!” everyone panicked. 

“All I saw were girls panicking and screaming, some were even crying from how nervous they were,” Chicas said. “It was a rush of emotions for everyone, but mainly pain from the heels we were all wearing.”

When every model and contestant lined up, they realized how many of them there were. In total there were about one-hundred and sixty models walking down the runway with the same amount of support sitting in chairs and even on the sides waiting for the show to begin. Then, it began. 

“First went Ana, then Roxanna, then me, and I think I killed it,” Castro said. “At first I was nervous, but when I started to walk I thought all my confidence gathered and I walked like a true model. It was the most fun I’ve had.”

Once everyone finished walking one by one, everyone went again all at once. The cheers and claps were through the roof and each contestant and student had the brightest smile on their faces. The nerves had disappeared once the show was over and everyone gathered to take pictures with their family and friends. It was a night to remember for these students.

“They looked good and felt good,” Santillan said. “They are true models, my models.”