Lunch Line Crisis

Alex Webb, Reporter October 31, 2016

 The lunch lines at Lakeview Centennial are extremely long and it’s turning into a big obstacle. With only 30 minutes of allotted lunch time, getting there, standing in line, and buying food, time...

Clown Apocalypse

Hannah Wilson, Editor-in-Chief October 31, 2016

An epidemic of creepy clowns has ravaged the country, and it's time to get serious. According to the Target website, Target has pulled all scary clown costumes from the shelf in the store and off the website....

iPad Rollout

iPad Rollout

Tim Kihneman, Copy Editor October 13, 2016

Our iPads are here, that's great and all, but some serious flaws are plaguing these mobile devices that were graciously gifted to us. For two weeks now we've worked on these iPads and we're going on a...

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