Tis’ the Season to Be Jolly

Hannah Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

Christmas is the time of year that spreads joy, happiness, and cheer throughout the season. It’s a time that everyone gets out their ugly Christmas sweaters, puts up their Christmas trees, and spend a little too much money on gifts for the people they love and care about. Some families may have their own traditions, classic customs, different methods used to cook the special Christmas dinner, or they go out of town and do something with friends and family.

“ We basically have breakfast Christmas morning, open presents and that’s it,” senior Crystal Jackson said. “ My favorite memory is going to my grandfather’s house for christmas, it’s out in the country.”

It’s the season of giving and living in the moment, spending time with your family and friends, and maybe watching those corny Christmas movies you love so much, are special moments to cherish.

“When I was little my dad would get a real tree, instead of the fake ones because he would like the way the house would smell, ” senior Emily Aguillon said. “And one year we left the tree outside and when we brought it inside it smelled like dog pee, so ever since then we’ve had a fake tree.”

This time of the season is a great time to spend with your family that may come from out of town to visit you for Christmas or just stay at home and hang out. It’s not always about what you give and receive, but rather what matters most to you.

“I go to a ranch in Terrell for Christmas and it’s my family’s ranch,” senior Jose Silva said. “We talk and socialize with family that come up from Mexico.”

Getting up early on Christmas morning is always exhilarating for kids and young adults, excited to see if the bits and pieces of their Christmas list are under the tree. Opening the gifts you receive with your family is always a great reminder of what is important and what you should be grateful for on this special holiday.

“I got my friend an apple one time and threw it at him as a present one year because he made me mad, ” Silva said.

Happy Holidays from the LCHS Newspaper staff!!!