2020: A School Year in Review

This school year started off with a Toy Story 3 themed Fish camp and ended up with online learning. It seems like a lifetime ago we were walking through the crowded hallways and sitting in the freezing cold classrooms. No one could have predicted how this school would have ended but here we are: the last week of class.

August started off easy for most students. It was the same awkward beginning many freshmen faced as they got accustomed with their new surroundings, and sophomores were relieved that they no longer bore the weight of being freshmen. Juniors were awaiting their hardest school year yet and seniors were expecting their last year to be memorable with prom and graduation.

Within the last week of August, a transformer began smoking in the main gym where the boys basketball team was practicing, causing the power to flicker and then go out all together. Everyone was rushed out of class and we ultimately had to miss the next day of school. This was a very interesting and chaotic time since we had to await until early morning to find out if we had school or not.

Homecoming week did not disappoint, especially with our TikTok Thursday theme. Many students dressed in large, baggy t-shirts with shorts and crocs to represent VSCO girls and boys. Others turned to wearing dark clothing to represent e-boys and e-girls. TikTok became a popular app among students and the Student Council heard the students’ requests and made it memorable. 

The Class of 2021 won the Homecoming hallway decoration for the second time in a row, thanks to the sponsors and the many dedicated and artistic students. The football team blew out South Garland with an exciting 62-3 win, and the band performed an iconic theme song of the Avengers: Endgame movie, so it made the Masquerade themed Homecoming dance even more unforgettable. 

In October, students and teachers dressed up for Halloween. There were many creative costumes made by the students, some included dying their hair and wearing face paint and makeup. Some were very unforgettable, like the two students who dressed up as the Joker.

In November, we saw our senior football players, Sweethearts, cheer and band students walk down the field one last time in a game against Naaman. The night did not go our way but many students had a fun time cheering in the stands for their friends.

Our boys basketball team ended off with a four-overtime loss to South Garland. Even though we lost, the game was highly intense and with many different lead changes throughout the game. The student body and parents were left on their toes throughout the night.

February was the last full month students got to spend in the classrooms with their friends and teachers. No one knew that it would be last month in the classroom. March eventually came and students were let out for spring break thinking they would return to school. No student expected much of the extra week of spring break we received because of the looming coronavirus threats.

However, return dates to school were further extended and extended until eventually we switched to online learning. Google Meets and Zoom were our new classroom and we had to create our own online schedules. We ended the school year with learning online that some students found easy to get used to while others found a hard time learning. 

The top ten seniors were awarded with a surprise drive-by parade for their accomplishments by the GISD staff members and teachers. Seniors did not get their expected memorable prom night, but will likely get an in-person graduation. Although it was not what they expected, it is something that seniors are looking forward to.