Why a Film Club is Necessary

Clubs are extremely common in high schools. Clubs are very beneficial to students; they are a great opportunity to meet new people, improve social skills, grow as a person, and improve your abilities. Each year, new clubs for students and their hobbies have emerged, such as the guitar club, crochet club, and anime club. Students are drawn to these types of clubs because they provide an excellent opportunity to meet new individuals who share similar interests and to learn more about the subject. With all these clubs emerging, there has yet to be a film club.

We all know that the film industry, as well as films in general, has been a hot topic for decades. Every day, the film industry expands, with many people, particularly young people, aspiring to work in the industry. In addition to performers and actors, the film industry involves cinematographers, screenwriters, directors, sound and music, makeup, costumes and props, film editors, and many more professionals. Many people may not realize it, but film is a form of art. Films are primarily visual arts based on the art of moving images used to convey ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, beauty, or atmosphere.

Many people consider film to be a hobby or perhaps a potential career. However, given how much of a hot topic films can be to young individuals, it’s surprising that there hasn’t been a film club at school. Every day in class, there are always discussions about a film. Whether it’s a Marvel film or a film from twenty years ago, these discussions can take place after school with a group of people interested in the subject. 

A film club gives young people a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in something entertaining, artistic, and social. Starting a film club is a terrific way to take charge, interact with people, and pursue your passions. Not only that, but it demonstrates that you’re serious about movies as an art form. I feel it would also be a great way to keep yourself busy. 

Making films is one of the things that can occur in the club. There are a lot of students who have talents that can be used to make movies. Students can work on projects together and refine their concepts throughout the production process. Students can also just hang out at the club and talk about movies or watch movies together and then discuss them.

So, why is a film club necessary? Through a common passion of film, it may create a secure space for young people to grow, prosper, and build confidence while also developing a feeling of belonging. It can also help future individuals who do want to join the industry, and it will give them a head start to their career.