BTS Is Back

On August of 2018, male K-pop group BTS came out with their latest album of the Love Yourself series. Their album Love Yourself: Answer gained recognition when it reached 35.9 million views in the first 24 hours.

This doesn’t seem to be a surprise for the group since they have won a ton of awards around the world. This includes “Top Social Artist Award” at the Billboard Awards for two years in a row (beating Justin Bieber’s six year streak of winning the award).

The main concept of Love Yourself: Answer reveals that self-love is the way to finding one’s path through life and relationships. It also contains old songs from previous albums in the Love Yourself series.

As opposed to the original hardcopy version, their digital version of the album original features Nicki Minaj in the song “Idol”. Nicki Minaj goes on how she has been her own boss for her entire career and how she doesn’t care what other people say.

Another song of their track, “Trivia: Seesaw”, which is a solo sung by Suga. It’s mainly about him going through the struggle of keeping a relationship in float. Just like how a seesaw is, two people are needed to keep it stable not just one. The song not only shows his skillful rapping, but it also showcases his vocal talents as well.

These are the only few songs that BTS has in their 26-track album. They always seem to provide people with inspiring and meaningful lyrics. Their eye catching choreography never disappoints either. Hopefully, they will provide even more addictive music in the future.