What Makes High School, High School

High school is a place of learning, academic readiness, and chasing dreams. What really makes high school unique are the clubs, after school activities, and outside-of-school functions. The friendships made will last a lifetime. Those 4 years are a journey and a part of life forever.

“Highschool comes from the sports [you’re] in, the drama, the friendships you build, and the relationships highschool.” senior Cameron Johnson said. “It’s just all around growing up,”

Students create the high school; they are the future leaders of our nation. Starting off so young then maturing and growing up is a big part of life. High school is trying to prepare students to be adults.

“The students make high school,” principal Dwight Lofton said. “That’s what makes highschool to me and the successors that I see and building their character and their academic success.”

High school is the gateway to adulthood that allows you to map out your future.