Secret Santa With WRIOT

WRIOT, the creative writing club, is hosting a Secret Santa party next week in the spirit of the Christmas holiday.

Vice President of WRIOT, junior Kassandra Oviedo, says that activities like Secret Santa are positive for the club.

“Doing these types of festive activities such as Secret Santa will bring us together as one,” Oviedo said. “And gives us more of a chance to really get to know everyone.”

Junior Helen Velasquez has been a member of WRIOT since the beginning of this school year, and she said she has really enjoyed her experiences in WRIOT so far.

“I think WRIOT is a safe space to share your art no matter what form it comes in,” Velasquez said. “WRIOT is a place to share and grow in your creativity – whether it be poetry or photography.”

Velasquez said that she thinks the secret Santa activity embodies what WRIOT is about.

“I think the Secret Santa is a way of saying ‘I’m listening’ because beyond writing is sharing and having people listen to what you have to say,” Velasquez said. “I think Secret Santa will help show and enforce what WRIOT stands for.”