Isabel Hernandez Feature

Freshmen year is a time for many kids to transition into being teenagers. Some are more active in school activities than others. Cross country runner freshman Isabel Hernandez has already demonstrated her impact by placing ninth in district and qualifying for regionals.

She was the only runner from Lakeview to advance to regionals.

“No one else advanced,” Hernandez said. “It was cool, but I was sad I couldn’t share the experience with my teammates.”

Hernandez is in a variety of other organizations, and she plans on maintaining her involvement in cross country.

“I am in band,” Hernandez said. “[I’m] also doing track and of course I am continuing in cross country for many years to come.”

Senior and fellow cross country runner, Leonardo Martinez, said he recognizes how amazing Hernandez’s achievement is.

“What she accomplished as a freshman this year [is] truly amazing,” Martinez said. “She is only going to keep getting better each year and I think that our school is very lucky to have an athlete like her.”