Prom Style

Sam Okoro, Reporter

This year’s senior prom was one to remember. Hundreds of Lakeview seniors were looking their best, some people even looked unrecognizable.

One person that stood out, junior Mauricio Sneed, shocked everyone in his all pink Louis Vuitton suit.

“‘I spent a lot of time planning my outfit,” Sneed said. “Even though it isn’t my senior year, I felt like I had to kill it.”

The 2017 class blew away prom and had a blast from the time the doors opened until it was over.

“I had so much fun tonight,” senior Ada Pena said. “This is definitely a night to remember, seeing all my friends look so beautiful and handsome.”

This year’s prom king and queen were Zhaire Smith and Maegan Plunk.

“After winning prom king, I could hear the crowd chanting my name,” Smith said.

Kanye’s designs have nothing on Lakeview students at prom.