Why Don’t You Know About the Tennis Team?

Lakeview Centennial has many diverse sports team, including tennis. Although tennis isn’t a popular sport, many people find joy in playing the rigorous sport. Famous players such as Roger Federer, Serena Williams, and Rafael Nadal are well known among all tennis players.

Most students know that we have a tennis team because of the tennis courts outside near the softball field and across the portables. Chances are one of your classes may have used the concrete beside the tennis courts to do an activity or you’ve passed by a student with a racquet sticking out of their backpack in the hall.

However, not many people see the tennis team on Lakeview’s official social media, or even on the tennis team’s official social media. There are rarely posts of tennis matches or tournaments, but always a reminder of the football or volleyball game coming up on Friday. Reasons for the lack of recognition of this may include the lack of posts on Twitter stating upcoming tennis events or the fact that tennis matches are during school, which, combined with a lack of bleachers, does make it understandable for students to not show up to a tennis match.

Our tennis team has great players and even better students who excel on and off the court. There have been players who have gotten first or second at a tournament, but no one says congratulations to them in person or through social media. Getting second at a tournament that includes the best players from multiple districts is a big deal.

Playing tennis isn’t easy, especially during the beginning of the school year since it is still summer. The heat makes playing conditions worse and a small wave of wind causes force against the racquet. It’s difficult to have a consistent forehand as well as backhand throughout the entire match.

“LC tennis doesn’t get as much coverage as we like, but we can’t blame [the Lakeview social media],” captain of the tennis team junior Josef Nguyen said. “Our tennis team has always been small and still is, so we don’t perform as well as other schools. We do lose a lot, but this year is going to be different.”

Be sure to follow the tennis team’s twitter @lakeviewtennis.