Such a Close Game, There Will Be Two

Not only is South Garland our rival in football, but also in basketball. Last year, the boys’ varsity game against south went into double overtime, ending with a win for us. During the game, South came back with vengeance. This year’s team wanted to have that same outcome, however not everyone thought they would be able to achieve that.

“No one outside of the team thought we were gonna win, so we were out to prove them wrong,” senior Donovan Waiters said.

Throughout the game, heads kept turning as both teams kept scoring back to back. The halftime score was 32-31 South Garland, so the game could’ve went either way.

“The game was so intense and exciting,” senior Aisa Tyson said. “At first, I thought South had it in the bag, but our team really showed out.”

Unfortunately in the last quarter, South got a lead that our boys were not able to overcome. The final score was 62-56 South Garland. Lucklily, varsity basketball plays each school twice, so in a few weeks our boys will get to have well deserved rematch.

“We did good when we played the first time, but it just wasn’t enough to win,” senior Justin Milliam said. “We just have the same intensity and energy to beat them in their own court.”