Lakeview Beats Garland for the Second Year

Nena Roland, Writer

October 13’s Thursday night football game at Williams stadium was an important one for our varsity players. Last year’s game against Garland High School was the first time in 21 years we had beaten them. It was also the game when the post-game handshake turned into fights between the players. With that being said, a lot of tension was built up awaiting this game. Arguments over Twitter between Garland and our players was prevalent during the week leading up to the game as well. Both teams had done a lot of talking, and there was only one place to settle it; on the field.

Right from the start of the game, the Patriots held nothing back. At the end of the first quarter, LC was ahead by 21 points; by halftime Garland found a way to creep up to us with a score of 21-10 Lakeview.

“We didn’t let [Garland scoring] discourage us,” senior Jaylen Jones said. “We came to win and that was what we were gonna do.”

When people think of football, they tend to just think of players such as the quarterback or linemen. However, the punters are also crucial part of the game as well. Based on how far senior Alex Herrera’s kick goes is what determines if the ball is in our possession.

“When I make a good kick, I feel a slight sense of accomplishment because, believe it or not, kicking is actually a big part in a football game,” Herrera said. ‘It is very capable of changing the momentum, so I’m just glad to be able to execute my job effectively.”

The Patriots lived up to expectations, beating Garland with a final score of 41-10 Lakeview.

“This goes to show that talk is cheap,” senior Sir Markus Runnels said. “Unless you have the skills to back it up, you shouldn’t say anything.”

Last Thursday the Patriots beat North Garland, which was the game that secured our spot into the playoffs.