Line Down. Hike. 686.

Alyssa Johnson, Photo Editor

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“Line Down.” “Hike.” “686.”

These are just a few of the things varsity quarterback, sophomore Jarret Adams, says before the snap of the ball.

Holding such a title can be overwhelming for someone as young as Adams considering the time and dedication that must be put into the job.

“I put my everything into it; every hour [practiced] went into earning the starting job,” Adams said. “I feel like I was made to do this.”

Over the summer Adams and senior Jaylen Jones battled for the position, and despite the final choice they are good friends.

“[We’re] still really cool, we look out for each other and we want the best for each other,” Adams said.

Many football players are seniors this year and that means scholarships and college offers; quarterbacks get all the hype, but that doesn’t sway Adams from wanting the absolute best for his team.

“I want the class of 2018 to make their dreams come true,” he said. “If that happens my season won’t be able to be any better.”

Balancing school and life is hard for any student but with the “No pass no play” rule, it’s essential for athletes.

“I won’t succeed in football without school. So no matter what it takes, the school work will be done,” Adams said.

On top of homework, Adams has the early mornings, the late nights, the two-to-three hour practices, film meetings, games, and more – all for football.

“Most people expected me to be nervous or unprepared but I told myself that when my name was called I would be ready,” he said.

And ready he was. The first three Friday night games didn’t end as hoped, but Adams played skillfully, including making two touchdowns the first game and running conversions the second game.

“I know that I’m blessed and I make the best out of every moment of it good or bad,” he said.

While this is only his second year with the Patriots, Adams understands the meaning of a team.

“I would go broke for my teammates,” he said. “I would go hungry for my teammates. I’d take them to war with me. We have that bond. Through God and all our hard work, we can accomplish a lot.”

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Line Down. Hike. 686.