Lakeview VS. South Garland Varsity Game

Last week the Patriot boys won a double overtime thriller against South Garland.

The game was intense, a home game, which kept the crowd very involved. Some of the players came into the game with an attitude of winning and had it out in their mind that they weren’t going to lose.

“As long as we execute our plays correctly, and play great defense, then we should leave with a win,” senior Christopher Eyo said.

Zhaire Smith made the game-winning layup. No one was surprised by his move to the basket as he scored 27 in the second half, so everyone knew the ball was coming to him. He still took it to the rim and got the basket for the win.

“It felt amazing making the game-winning shot and I played my heart out in the second half for my team because I knew I wasn’t doing good in the first half,” senior Zhaire Smith said.

The main focus of the game was to execute properly and come out of a tough win and that’s what the Patriots did. They are currently 24-3 for the whole year.

The next game is with Sachse at Lakeview.