Lc vs Rowlett

Sam Okoro, Reporter

On October 20th the Lakeview Centennial Varsity football team played Rowlett High School. In an epic showdown the Patriots scored 62 points in the game, but came up short and lost by 1 point.

The game was very close from the beginning of the game till the last play. The Patriots have still made it to the playoffs, which they haven’t done in 21 years.

“The hardest part about the game was tackling the Rowlett quarterback who was 6’5” and 230 pounds,” senior Tyrell Stewart said.

Rowlett’s quarterback ran the ball more than people thought he would which changed the course of the game.

“At the end of the day, the team who makes less mistakes wins. We just had to be more precise and execute everything properly,” senior Shammond Greenwood said.

The Patriots couldn’t connect on a 2 point conversion which cost them the game.  

“Both defenses didn’t play well. They were holding and played bad defense. We had them and could’ve won but we let the game slip out our hands,” senior Davion Wilson said.

The game came down to one play. If the play was executed right we would have won the game.

This year we got the closest we’ve been in long time to beating Rowlett. Next year’s team should get the win.

“This game wasn’t as full as it usually is but next year we plan on selling out the student section,” junior Lamond Waters said.

This year’s football team has done the unexpected.