Varsity football wins two close games

Sam Okoro

Both varsity football games in the last few weeks were won in the last few seconds of the game.

On September 3 the Patriots played North Mesquite High School at the Cotton Bowl. The next week they played West Mesquite High School and won both games in the last 30 seconds.

“We let up, but then we regained our energy,” senior Daveiion Wilson said.

Playing at the Cotton Bowl was an amazing experience for the team.

“It felt great playing in the Cotton Bowl,” senior Dejhon Jones said. “[It] made me feel like a big time college player on a big time field.”

Both games went incredibly well and both teams went back and forth. During the first half of the West Mesquite game, the Patriots had a big lead of 28-7, but let up and the Wranglers came back.

Ultimately the North Mesquite game came down with the “Catch of the Game” made by senior Shamond Greenwood.

“North Mesquite High was harder because it was a bigger deal to play in the Cotton Bowl and they played harder,” senior Steven Sims said