O.G. Fans Disappointed By The Grinch

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Imagine Entertainment left us hooked back in 2000 with “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,”and now, Universal Pictures released “The Grinch” 18 years and one day later. The movie was well animated, and the vivid colors really bring the characters to life. The plot of the story is the same as the original, but the interpretations are different at times. Many will argue that the Grinch in this portrayal isn’t as mean as he was in the original movie.

“The Grinch didn’t have the same attitude,” junior Kassandra Oviedo said. “He was more sentimental in this movie; it didn’t really fit who his character is.”

Making the Grinch sentimental was a little weird because his persona in the first movie was expressed as selfish and greedy. It was a good movie I can’t lie, but was it Grinch-y? Not necessarily. Though there were some parts of the movie that are similar to the original, it didn’t quite resemble the original.

“It was a cute movie, but it wasn’t the Grinch,” Oviedo said. “I didn’t get the same grinch vibe from the original. They made this movie more friendly and soft for the children.”

The movie is a great movie for newer generations, but for those of us who grew up with “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” it wasn’t the same.