Would It Be Okay For Pandas To Go Extinct?

Pandas are cute, cuddly, and will not affect other animals in the ecosystem if they go extinct. However, according to Time, China spends up to $1 million trying to save pandas from going extinct, and they charge a cub tax of $400,000. So it’s pretty safe to say that pandas are very expensive.

All pandas do for forests, and for the animals that live in them, is spread bamboo plants. That’s about all it would affect. I think that there is enough technology now to where we can increase the growth of bamboo forests ourselves.

“It was a little astonishing to see, in most cases, how much more it was costing the institutions than [the panda exhibits] were bringing in,” contributor to the Giant Panda Foundation David Towne said in a National Geographic article.

“Pandas bring economic benefits in the form of tourism to the Chinese,” an anonymous person on Quora said.

According to the Live Science Staff, one-third of the worlds amphibian species are at risk of extinction. If frogs were to go extinct it would affect a number of things. One being humans. Frogs aren’t a huge source of food for us humans, but we do consume 3.2 billion frogs a year.

Tadpoles do an amazing job at cleaning the water for themselves, and other sea creatures. They are very essential to ponds or rivers, because they filter the water for the rest of the sea creatures. Tadpoles eat up all the algae that surround them, so without them ponds would drastically increase in bacteria which could kill fish, frogs, ducks, insects, etc.

The food chain is very important to humans, sea animals, amphibians, insects, and literally any living organism on this planet. Frogs lay eggs, and do you know who eats those eggs? Insects, fish, shrimp, and many other animals. So if frogs were to die out, all those insects, fish, and shrimp wouldn’t have a source of food, and would either have to find an alternative, or die out. Same rules apply to the bats who eat the insects, the bears who eat the fish, and the fellow sea animals who eat the shrimp. They’ll just die out eventually.

What’s even crazier is that the same could possibly happen to humans. Without frogs the mosquito population will increase notoriously. With the increase in mosquitoes the spread of disease. Mosquitoes carry a lot of diseases and viruses including: malaria, dengue, West Nile virus, and many other  diseases.

Sure pandas are cute, but we should focus on the bigger picture here. Frogs are kind of like the heart of the ecosystem. Save the frogs folks!