Buckle Up for This One: Deadpool 2

Caroline Aguilar, Writer

Deadpool is a Marvel Superhero movie starring dreamboat Ryan Reynolds. The first movie was released two years ago, and let me say, it was definitely a twisted, heart-touching and comedic movie. Producers Ryan Reynolds, Simon Kinberg and Lauren Donner left us hooked back in 2016, and finally, it has come! Deadpool 2 was released May 10, and was very sentimental, actually.

The movie was even funnier than the first, and had a whole lot more emotion. I know, I know, Wade Wilson showing emotion? He did, and if I must tell the truth, I even shed a couple tears. It’s a movie where you can relate to the characters, except you might not react the same way, unless you have superpowers. I was able to empathize their feelings and all of the emotions that were expressed in the movie. Isn’t that what makes a movie worth watching?

The introduction of new characters, and the way everyone came together was hilariously inspiring. Though there were some very nerve-wracking losses, but the rest of the movie makes up for it. Ryan Reynolds, you’ve done it again, my man. High five, brother.

Spend your money wisely, and go to an AMC near you (to be read in a deep voice).