Getting the Coronavirus Under Control

Now almost eight months removed from the initial shutdown, our country continues to see increasingly alarming coronavirus numbers day by day. In Dallas, the reported total of new cases for the county was 1,248, which includes 1,095 confirmed cases and 153 probable cases. The cumulative total is over 100,000 now for the Dallas area and the numbers are steadily increasing as we continue to fight through the virus.

There is still no end in sight for the pandemic. We are yet to even get it completely under control as shown by rapid increases in cases throughout the country. The precautions can only do so much to help prevent the spread but with things trending the way they are, another shutdown is imminent. When it is going to implement and if it will be a country wide mandate, that has still remained unclear. With the election of Biden into the presidency, a shutdown may be what he intends to try next. He has repeatedly acknowledged that he will listen to his health officials and scientists, and basing his coming decisions upon how they feel would be the best way to approach it going forward. 

It may not be a quick decision due to the Trump administration being quite reluctant to the idea of shutting down again and with reasonable reasons as to why they oppose the decision. They are not removed from office until January 21, 2021, which already will push back a true decision as to what’s next. They feel the economy would take a massive hit again with closing peoples businesses down, but as of November 5, we saw our first day of 100,000 new cases reported nationwide. We may be approaching a point where a lockdown is the only remaining option to get everything under control.