Here’s the Deal with Masks

Masks have become a suggested item ever since COVID-19 hit the U.S. in order to stop the virus from spreading from one person to another. 

However, there have been many protests in the U.S. over the enforcement to wear masks since over 30 states have required people to wear them at all times when out in a public area. 

Protests have been springing up because “anti-maskers” view that by forcing them to wear the masks, the government is basically taking away their individual liberty. There have also been conspiracies surrounding the arrival of COVID-19 which have resulted in the doubt of the pandemic.

 It is understandable why some people might have some concerns about whether or not masks are actually reliable since the mixed response by the government of whether or not masks were required in the early stages of the pandemic might have contributed to the anger of the “anti-maskers” drawing their own conclusions.  

Nonetheless, it’s still important to care about the well-being of others instead of focusing on one’s own opinion, especially now since schools have already begun to accept students back onto the campus.

Masks should always be worn in a public area with the nose and mouth being covered, unless a child is two years old and under, or a person has respiratory problems. These are only some reasons why a mask may not be required in some areas. 

In the Garland District campuses, schools will provide one reusable mask that the students will keep and a face shield that will be optional. Face shields for elementary students will be kept at the school and will be sanitized daily, while for high school students they will have the responsibility to clean it themselves.