Will Online Streaming Take Over?

With the ongoing spread of the coronavirus, many people are forced to take shelter in their own homes. With more time spent at home, people are leaning towards online streaming in order to control their boredom.

Recent films have started to be streamed early online ever since the theaters have been temporarily closed down. Some of the films have been streaming either on Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and other popular streaming devices.

It makes people wonder if the online streaming of newly released films are going to become the norm.

The advantages of having films streaming online is that people don’t have to pay for overpriced snacks and can instead go to their local grocery store for lower priced snacks. Also, instead of having to pay for each ticket every time people go to the theaters, people can just invite a group of friends or family to their homes and pay one price.

However, at the theaters, you can experience the film much better, with high quality chairs, huge speakers for great volume, and bigger screens to see the film much more clearly. 

But, cheaper is always better. People don’t want to spend so much money each time they go to the theaters and would rather enjoy quality time at home.