The Importance of Social Distancing

Being locked in the house has been difficult for everyone. Some people are begging to get out of the house to go hang out with their friends while others are doing the most of what they can do. However, in these times, it is important to remain social distancing until the coronavirus goes away. If everyone were to abide by the laws placed from the CDC to remain six feet apart and not go out leisurely, these regulations could quickly be uplifted.

It is important to remain six feet apart when grocery shopping or going to restaurants for food. Air molecules can travel up to six feet before falling onto the ground, so to avoid catching them, you should keep your distance. The person next to you may not know they have the virus because they are asymptomatic, so take the extra precaution and stay away.

In order for us to quickly get rid of the virus, we should also limit the amount of times we leave our house. We know how hard it is to avoid fast food and take out, but we should limit it to once or twice every two weeks to limit the spread. 

If you or your family needs to go to the grocery store, try to limit the person going to only one person and get what you need for about two weeks if you can. If you stock up on supplies, it will help reduce the risk of getting affected and help others. However, stocking up does not mean to buy loads and loads of food and other essential needs, it just means to get what you really need. 

By implementing the social distance rules, it could help flatten the curve of COVID-19. Flattening the curve means decreasing the number of infected people to only a few cases per day instead of thousands. Without the CDC rules implemented, the number of cases would be thousands per day instead of just a few hundred a day. The rate of infection would not be so high and healthcare facilities would be able to control the number of cases per day to treat them if we followed the rules provided by the CDC. 

“It’s important to practice social distancing because it will ultimately cause greater relief for those who are more susceptible to [contract] the virus, and it keeps other people’s lives and health in mind,” junior Eden Jones said. “I’ve been implementing [social distancing guidelines] by talking to friends and family through FaceTime, Zoom meetings, and having friends drive-by in their cars to say hello on my birthday. My mom has also been ordering groceries online instead of the store.”