GISD Closed Campus Policy

It’s the start of the year and the teachers at Lakeview are already showing how strict they’re going to be about off campus lunch, from putting teachers by all the doors in our school to even trying to close the gates that allow students to drive out. This policy is unfair knowing some students don’t like the school food.

“No I do not believe they should [be able to leave for lunch] here at Lakeview,” Coach Levi Hughes said. “There’s nothing close to go to and not a high enough percentage of students drive to school. Therefore, we would have a lot of students walking a long distance in a short period of time and that would create a lot of problems [as] far as attendance and liability reasons and insurance reasons.”

Some students understand both sides of the situation.

“I have conflicting feelings about it,” senior Kassandra Oviedo said. “I agree with it because we are under Lakeview supervision so they are responsible for anything that happens to us. But I disagree because the school food is not the best.”

Lakeview is a closed campus school. Teachers, principals, and administrators worry about students leaving because parents are handing their kids to the administration. 

“Garland ISD is a closed campus for the purpose of safety,” Assistant Principal Leigh Barajas said. “From the hours of 7:30-2:40 p.m., the parents and guardians of our students entrust them to us. Allowing students to leave campus opens them to a variety of circumstances that can put the students in harm’s way.”

Many students do not like the school food that is served. Students want to have more options and more varieties of food.

“Most of the time people are allergic to some lunch foods,” freshman Makaya Salters said, “or it might be in their religion to eat something else so they should be able to go to their house and get their lunch.”