Eat, Sleep, Recycle

Recycling and cleaning the ocean will help preserve ocean life. Many might question the importance of cleaning the ocean and how exactly it might benefit us, but it saves us resources such as being able to reuse used items to create new ones and saves us energy due to the fact that creating new materials for industries requires extra energy.

Recycling increases economic security and reduces the need to collect new materials. More importantly, it helps prevent pollution in the ocean due to illegal garbage dumping and oil spills. By manufacturing raw materials, high levels of smoke are exposed into the air. Plastic can take up to hundreds of years to fully decompose which is a hazard to all sea creatures.When recycling is being done we preserve natural resources for the future. Most resources that we use are nonrenewable, therefore recycling will help us be able to reuse products for industries 

“Plastic and the trash in the ocean is not only a reason for climate change but it injures many species in the ocean,” junior Jackie Avila said, “and causes population to decrease. Therefore cleaning it helps not only take away the danger from animals but also their home is now habitable once again.”

Recycling not only benefits us but it helps create a safe and clean environment for aquatic animals. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, littering into our oceans causes deaths to sea animals and often results in endangerment of species. Waste can cause severe accidents such as glass cutting the flesh on birds and other animals or suffocation and entanglement within the trash. Each year billions of pieces of trash enter our oceans and cause deaths. On March 16 a young Cuvier beaked whale died in the Philippines’ Davao Gulf, due to large amounts of plastic in the ocean. Researchers found about 90 pounds of plastic inside its stomach. 

“I think we should all start recycling more and cleaning the ocean,” sophomore Ashley Rodriguez said. “The animals in the ocean are the ones suffering for our actions. I believe it benefits the ocean and the earth because it won’t kill the animals in the ocean and we would have a cleaner environment.”

Recycling can help us have a positive impact in our world. It will let us avoid harming our comfort and health. As a community we need to unite to make a difference and improved impact due to the amount of garbage increasing. Be part of the solution and not the confusion.