Everything You Need to Know About Human Trafficking

Let’s Talk About Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is a major issue that faces many countries in the world. It’s modern day slavery. There are 20 to 30 million human trafficking victims reported around the globe today. This is a substantial amount of people that should be protected under the U.S government. However, there are still not enough laws put in place that ensure the safety of every victim. There are many prostitutes who are denied help because of being a prostitute. This is something that should be revised because it’s hard for a lot of victims to receive help after being trafficked.

What You Need to Know About Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is modern day slavery. It’s the deprivation of freedom. Human trafficking is illegally transporting a person from one place to another in exchange for forced labor or sexual exploitation. Human trafficking doesn’t always have to be a violent situation. In fact, many victims are promised money, jobs, visas or an education in exchange for work. Many victims have been trafficked by their partner, a close friend and even by family members. People who are trafficked often feel stuck in these situations because their trafficker has threatened them, they lack of transportation, they don’t have anywhere else to stay or because a better life was promised.

What Is Sex Trafficking?

Sex trafficking is human trafficking with the intention to sexually exploit the victim. It’s the fastest growing illegal industry in the world. Sex trafficking alone makes $99 billion on commercial sex. 4.8 million people are victims to sex trafficking worldwide. Sex traffickers target young women and girls who are vulnerable and in need. 1 in 7 runaways are victims to sex trafficking. Hotels, black market, escort services and illegal messaging businesses are only some of the ways that sex traffickers kidnap their victims.

The Truth About Labor Trafficking

Labor trafficking involves contractors, employers or illegal businesses who recruit people to work for them against their will. These employers often threaten their workers with debt bondage, violence and lies to get what they want. Like victims of sex trafficking, victims of labor trafficking are promised high paying jobs and a better life. Employees to these illegal businesses often work in inhumane conditions. Anyone can be a victim to labor trafficking. 20.1 million people are victims to labor trafficking.

What You Can Do to Help
Victims of human trafficking are either taken on the streets or sold on the deep web. Being aware of your surroundings and informing others of any suspicious activity is the first step to preventing an abduction. If you have witnessed or think you have witnessed suspicious activity, you can call the human trafficking hotline at 1 (888) 373-7888. You can also visit the Polaris Project for more information.