“On the Basis of Sex” Review

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When I saw the trailer for the “On the Basis of Sex,” I was a little skeptical about it. Can a two-hour movie capture the complicated past of women’s issues?

I was pleasantly surprised by the portrayal of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Felicity Jones perfectly highlights the struggle Bader went through to end gender-based discrimination.

The movie was a tribute to Justice Bader, and it magnified the impact she has made regarding women’s rights.

“The movie tries to show how gender equality wasn’t always a foregone conclusion” movie critic Tracy Kirk said on Rotten Tomatoes. “But it’s still hard to imagine what things were like before.”

Felicity Jones told CNN news that portraying Ginsburg was natural for her since she felt she could relate to her story of being a woman.

“I think from the very beginning, I identified so much with Ruth’s story and her feelings of being an outsider, being in the minority, being surrounded by a men and being one of a few women in that situation,” Jones said during an interview with CNN News. “Growing up on film sets, that was often the case. I was used to being in the minority.”

“On the Basis of Sex” is a great movie. It reinforced a lot of important issues and portrayed one of history’s greatest achievements: ending sex-based discrimination.

“Sexism is not something only of the past,” junior Samirah Sarwat said. “Women are often the minorities in situations, and to see a movie portray the struggle of gender equality means a lot to young girls.”