“Peppermint” Review

“Peppermint,” an action and vigilante film directed by Pierre Morel, showcases a mother trying to bring her family to justice after a tragedy occurs.
The film stars Jennifer Garner, who plays Riley North, as a bank employee. Her husband, Chris, is played by Jeff Hephner, and their daughter, Carley, is played by Cailey Fleming.
In the movie, Riley and her daughter have to constantly withstand the remarks of the high society moms since they don’t have as glamorous a lifestyle and don’t give in to any of the rude remarks the moms throw at them.
A friend of Chris requests him to be part of a scheme to rob a drug dealer. The drug dealer hears about their plan and sets out to dispose of them in any way possible, leading to the death of Chris and his daughter.
Riley, who survived the attack that killed her family, sets out to kill anyone involved with her family deaths. In the process, she breaks many laws to bring justice to her family.
The film shows many aggressive action scenes that display Riley fighting the other gang members. She shows no mercy to whoever steps in her way to her goal.
“The movie mostly got me excited with all the action scenes, but it also gave me some heartbreaking moments,” junior Camila Rosales said.
Overall, you would never be bored while watching this film. It reveals many unexpected situations. Just be warned: don’t always trust the people that are around you.