Park Jimin’s Comeback

In September 2018, 15& member Park Jimin came out with her mini album as a solo artist. Her album, called “Jiminxjamie” with the title track as “April Fools,” is Park Jimin’s first release as a solo artist in over two years.
She came into the music industry when she placed first in the first season of the Korean music competition “K-pop Star” in 2012. After she won, she signed with JYP Entertainment, a company known for producing worldwide K-pop artists, later debuting with the K-pop duo 15&.
Jimin’s “Jiminxjamie” is different from the image she had when she first debuted. She had the image of a bright and young girl, but her tone in her new mini album has a sense of maturity in it.
Her track “April Fools” has an R&B feel to it with lyrics that explain the struggle of being in a fluctuating relationship.
Another track, “Count You Out,” is about Jimin rejecting someone that is trying to get back together with her. The way she sets the lyrics is her responding to the questions her ex-significant other is asking.
Jimin has a total of five tracks on her mini album. Even though her image is different from her past, she doesn’t fail to produce a nice and sophisticated tone.