Inglewood’s New NFL Stadium Has Local Residents Shook

The Los Angeles Rams and Chargers are excited for their new stadium that is said to be ready by 2020. However, it’s going to cost the city 5 billion dollars. Most football stadiums don’t even hit 2 billion dollars, and according to Vincent Frank on “Forbes,” it’s a monster of a site.
“We’re looking at 900,000 square feet of retail space,” Frank said, “800,000 square feet of office space, and 2,500 new residential units.”
It’s prodigious and very expensive. However, as a result of the construction of this marvelous and humongous stadium, many people are losing their homes.
“It’s messed up how they could just do that,” Inglewood resident Marvin Aguilar said. “How they can just tell us to pack up and leave? I don’t want to leave. I grew up here; this is my home.”
The pricing on homes will increase drastically because of the stadium, and it will force more residents to leave.
“When the Rams’ move to Inglewood became official in January 2016,” writer Brian Bencomo said on KCETLink, “the median listing price for a home in the city was $398,000. In March 2017 that price was at $448,000 according to [’s] data.”
Although the stadium is going to bring many tourists to the city of Inglewood, it will not benefit the people who already populate the city.
“The people that can barely afford to even live in Inglewood now,” Compton resident Jose Portillo said, “lose their homes that quick just for the entertainment of others.”