Go See IT Now

Natalie Taylor, Copy Editor, Writer

Do you want to get scared? Then go see “IT.”

“I really enjoyed the movie,” junior Skyler Smith said. “Not only as it scary at some parts, but it was also pretty funny.”

The movie is an adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel, which tells the story of a town haunted by an evil clown that kills and eats children every 27 years.

“I was on the edge of my seat the entire time,” junior Julio Turcios said. “It was pretty suspenseful in the moment, but when I left, I was more calm than I expected.”

The movie plot may sound cheesy at first but even the intro can make the bravest person wince a little. The opening credits are dark and gloomy with children laughing and singing in the background – and not in a cheerful way.

“I was shocked by all the theatrical elements they used to make the movie extra scary,” Turcios said.

I won’t ruin the whole plot, but all I have to say it that it’s rated R for a reason. There’s so much gore and jump scares in the movie, even the most die-hard horror fans will be satisfied.

“[Pennywise’s] body language, madness, and his look was completely unnerving,” director of “IT,” Andy Muschietti said in an interview with Warner Bros Pictures.

“IT” has surpassed all expectations by bringing in a total of $478 million and is now the biggest R-rated scary movie of all time, both domestically and internationally.

“I would recommend the movie,” junior Tiara Bryant said. “Although it is a horror movie, ‘IT’ also has comedic aspects throughout the movie.”