Testing Stress Overload?

Hannah Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

We all know that testing is stressful and takes a lot of hard work, studying, time, and energy  towards it right? Not to mention the countless hours of worrying about an upcoming test and wondering what you made on it. Or simply just not caring anymore, leading to credit recovery.

It seems like students and teachers are more focused on the grade in the class rather than the actual learning going on. People have lost the incentive and passion in learning and the motivation to in the first place. I think that’s why so many people have the natural inclination to cheat. I know that tests are supposed to reflect and comprehend what you learned over a subject, but there is so much emphasis on the actual grade that students lose focus on the main goal of the class.

It is true that students experience more stress in school now than ever? Well, that is a controversial subject to some, but it feels like that to the majority. Students in high school have grey hair when they are in their late teens even before they graduate because of the stress that is put upon their shoulders.

Stress can cause a variety of health problems including headaches, agitation, high blood pressure, and insomnia. So the question left is, why is the so much pressure to have good grades so prevalent among schools?

A common answer to this question is “to get into my top college choice.” It is stressed to high schoolers that they need to have excellent grades in order to get into college and ace their ACTs and SATs. Volunteering, joining clubs, sports organizations, and working while attending high school is much too common in today’s society among these young adults. How do they handle it all and are we overloading our students with too much stress on testing? That’s for you to answer.