Tell us your opinion!

Tim Kihneman, Copy Editor

Newspaper Copy Editor Tim Kihneman here with some special news! We’re calling to anyone interested in news or journalism or any kind, if you want to put YOUR opinion out there just as I frequently do, then write a letter the the editor!

When you write a letter to the editor, you can choose any one of our fantastic writers to send a question, topic request, or rebuttal to an argument that we have made.

Madison Plunk would love to write back to you about anything Theatre or photography related so send her a letter about any of that.

Hannah Wilson loves to talk about the world and how kind strangers come together in the weirdest way. She also likes writing reviews, so if you want her to go more in-depth about an event, send her a letter.

Nena Roland likes to cover anything in pop culture with reviews over new movies, albums, or tragic events. Send her a letter if you want to here her opinion about your favorite movie or music.

Sam Okoro is our sports guy. With weekly coverage, he has kept everyone up to date about football, basketball, or otherwise. Send him a letter if you want to talk about your favorite teams or players.

Lastly is myself. I love talking politics and I’m not angry 24/7. I also do reviews about artistic films and cover news about science. Send me a letter if you want to discuss the current Presidential administration or about climate change and its impact on earth.

Just click on the Letter to the Editor link to submit your letter. We can’t wait to hear from you and we hope next week’s inbox is full of thought-provoking topics and stimulating conversation.

– Tim Kihneman (on behalf of the entire LC Newspaper Staff)