Shake The Silence

Hannah Wilson, Senior Publisher

Okay can I just say WOW…these young poets blew my mind away with their poems. They made me face reality and think about real issues within society today and real pain that people feel. These poets put it all out on the table Friday night and put their feelings into words and expressed it like no other could. They showed their emotions and bared all.

If you didn’t attend the performance then you missed out on a life changing performance. This article does not do it justice. The teachers who organized this entire program, English Pre AP 1 and Pre AP 2 Jason Carney, English Pre AP 1 and Regulars 1 Veronica Ramos, and Interventions of Reading and Writing Jenna Mikuls and English Pre AP 1 and  AP 3 Tenasia  Alcorn, have an unparalleled devotion to helping these young artists grow and teach these poets stay true to themselves .  

In total there were 11 poets who slammed off. If you haven’t attended a poetry reading or slam off, I strongly encourage you to do so. These people put their heart and soul out there for people to hear and listen as they try to bring attention to vital issues and show their identity to the world.

The enthusiasm was fueled throughout the whole night as the crowd cheered for the poets. Each and every one of them are amazing performers and writers. They should be commended and overall the slam was enlightening, full of love, and support for our fellow classmates, friends, and family.