LC Dance Magnet Choreographer’s Showcase

Hannah Wilson, Senior Publisher

The choreographic and performance details were amazingly out of this world and I thoroughly enjoyed my seat in the front row, being entertained my these beautifully gifted young dancers. I have to say my favorite dance was Exposed and when Slade Knox did that aerial at the end of the performance, it took my breath away and put a signature move on that jaw dropping dance. My second favorite dance was Manolo, at the end of showcase and the choreographer was Leanne Shultz. The dance was energetic and full of excitement, it made me want to learn to dance, even though I don’t have bone in my body that can hold a beat.

The most moving performance was given by Brooke McGrew and it was attributed to her mother who has been her strength. The dance was graceful and beautiful, it brought swelling tears to my eyes while I was entranced by her dance. By the way she is a Reflections winner!

All in all, the months of preparation paid off for all you choreographers and dancers! Even though some of you are not mentioned in this article, everyone was amazing and you should all feel proud about your performances. And congratulations on all the award winners!