Clown Apocalypse

Hannah Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

An epidemic of creepy clowns has ravaged the country, and it’s time to get serious. According to the Target website, Target has pulled all scary clown costumes from the shelf in the store and off the website. Even the fast food chain, McDonald’s, has sidelined their mascot from making appearances, that is, until the hysteria passes, according to CNN news.

“I think the clown sightings were stupid, and scared a lot of people. Maybe they were trying to advertise Halloween, but went about it the wrong way,” senior Hannah Adedolapo said.

After these repeated sightings of scary clowns, people need to mature and come to the realization that this is how particular people make a living, and now their livelihood has come to a standstill because of this hoax.

“I think people need to grow up, stop like trying to scare people, because some people are actually really afraid of clowns,” senior Brianna Padgett said. “It sucks for the clown college too.”

At first the clown sightings were unnerving , but now it’s just ridiculous. 4 News stated that over 20 states have banned clown costumes until after November 1st. School districts have had to send home letters alerting parents to the frenzy, stating that they are aware and have made precautions to keep the students safe.