iPad Rollout

Our iPads are here, that’s great and all, but some serious flaws are plaguing these mobile devices that were graciously gifted to us. For two weeks now we’ve worked on these iPads and we’re going on a full-length review.

Functionality and Utility: The functionality is flawless. It’s fluid and precise in its workings and technological advancements. However, it is useless in doing important tasks such as taking notes with the default note application because it crashes frequently, or trying to watch assigned videos on YouTube for homework, as that app is on restricted mode and students cannot easily access the videos.

Customization: Easily accessed is the background settings which seem unique for every students here. Happy memories, stunning photos, and hippy backgrounds are seen with every click of the home button. On the other hand, the outer customization is very limited. Recognizing each iPad without turning it on is nearly impossible. However, students have found some work-arounds. Students are using ribbons and sleeves, creating a great solution to a boring problem.

Overall, the iPad has its pros and cons. Useful in essential day-to-day tasks, such as taking a picture or turning in an assignment, but almost utterly useless in everything else. The restrictions were set way too high for the iPads. The district should allow more applications for education and stop worrying about whether or not we have taken a quick note of something. Having to login to ContentKeeper every time a student wants to do homework is a bit excessive.

Editor’s Note: Updated 10/25/2016 at 11:22 AM

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