Who’s Going to Lead?

It’s that time of the year again. In late April, students sign up and begin the competition for their selected class officer position. There are five jobs total: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. Officers raise money and coordinate various events, such as Prom. 

Numerous reasons can go into why one would run for these positions. Regardless of whether it is to appeal to colleges, desire to help your class, or something different entirely, students vie to be in these spots. In most cases, the student body will have the opportunity to elect the people they want by voting electronically. In special cases, where the candidate is unopposed, they will assume the position automatically.

“I ran unopposed,” sophomore Zaria McBride said. “[I liked it because] it was a more stress-free process [compared to running against someone].”

With McBride’s third year as class of 2024’s president set in stone, all that was left for 2024 were the other officers, except for sophomore Sydney Shelton who also ran unopposed to be historian. The potential officers campaigned online and in school. Posters were set up next to the restrooms for the rest of the student body to view. 

“I put up seven posters, and I think they did help because it gave me more exposure,” sophomore Callie Pham said. 

One can assume Pham was right since she won the role of class of 2024 secretary. The results of the vote were announced to the candidates the day after voting concluded. For the 2022-2023 year, the junior class officers will be: President Zaria McBride, Vice President Ashley Huynh, Secretary Callie Pham, Treasurer EveAnn Efa, and Historian Sydney Shelton. Additionally, the sophomore class officers for that year will be: President Amie Sonko and Vice President Elim Girma.

Meanwhile, the class of 2023 had some technical difficulties regarding the historian vote. When the polls went live, junior Lizbeth Vazquez, one of the contenders, wasn’t on the ballot for a while. Since it impacted the total number of votes, the candidates chose to revote for the historian.

“It’s an honest mistake, and it could happen again,” Vazquez said. “But also I’m serious that this was the first time that happened over the three years of being here.”  

After the revote, junior Kennedy Beasley was named the class of 2023’s historian. Other positions in the class of 2023 went without issue; however, it was much more fierce. 

“It was more competitive this year because it was our senior year,” junior Saida Shamte said. “So last minute activities and stuff like that, more people were taking interest in the election this year.” 

Regardless of the increase in contenders, the 2022-2023 senior class officers will be: President Roda San, Vice President Kierston Priest, Secretary Melanie Ramirez, Treasurer Reina Moore, and Historian Kennedy Beasley. 

“I’m so ecstatic to see all of the stuff we get to accomplish in the next school year,” McBride said.