Athena’s Legacy Creates Impact

Athena’s Legacy is the first ever women’s club at LCHS, and they’re already creating impacts that are seen and felt across the school. From seminars where students can come forward to discuss the unwritten rules of being a woman, to free period stations for those impacted by luxury taxes on the essential hygiene products, Athena’s Legacy wastes no time in building up both its members and its reputation.
Founded by seniors Modupe Karimi and Breana Simon, and sponsored by Erica Berry-Gondran and Jeramy Boulanger-Chatman, Athena’s Legacy was established with the hope that the club could be a safe haven for the female body of LCHS to discuss – and advise each other on – the various challenges and roadblocks that can be difficult for young women to navigate through gracefully. However, Athena’s Legacy is not limited to women.
“I feel like a lot of guys are scared to come, but we do have a lot of guys that do come out – like a good amount – and they’re very active in discussion and voice their opinions, which we love,” Simon said.
But if the after school meetings still seem overwhelming, it’s not the only way to get in contact with the group.
“We have a Canvas; so if you wanted to go to Ms. Berry’s room, she can add you to the Canvas. We also have a Remind, and a Twitter [@LCathenaslegacy],” Simon said.
Although both Karimi and Simon are graduating this year, Athena’s Legacy has yet more up its sleeves as the two women pass down the torch to their junior leaders.
“What Ms. Berry tried to do, when we were getting officers, was tried to include a lot of underclassman so then the club could continue,” Simon said.
The new leaders are already well underway with their next project.
“I know they want to continue the meetings, and they want to continue the pad stations, we’re also making a website right now so I know those’ll continue [next year],” Simon said.