First SkillsUSA District Officer From Lakeview

SkillsUSA competed in Waco. At the closing ceremony, it was announced that junior Britany Alejandre would be one of the District 6 officers. She is the first Lakeview student to be an officer.

“I feel nervous being the first one in Lakeview but I also hope I can inspire others to take a chance on becoming a district officer,” Alejandre said.

Alejandre ran for district officer because she wanted to add new ideas to District 6 as a television production student.

“I wanted to change how things were working because law had been the dominant club going for officers,” Alejandre said.

Before she had been elected as one of the seven officers she had to first send her application and present a speech that had to be two minutes long.

“An hour before I went to present my speech they actually told me that my speech actually had to be two minutes and I only had thirty seconds so I was really anxious so I had to improvise,” Alejandre said. 

Alejandre didn’t realize that she was one of the district officers.

“When they said my name I was like oh that’s me,” Alejandre said. “But actually once I got home I was like oh shoot I won.”

She hopes to gain some experience of becoming a district officer by being more involved in SkillsUSA

“I want to show others how to have fun and what SkillsUSA is really about,” Alejandre said.

Alejandre will go to a summer program specifically only for district officers where she and the other six district officers will know their positions.